Work & Fun Eyewear

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Today, as we find ourselves needing glasses for close vision, new problem situations start to creep up. We soon realize that our lifestyles and work places demand more than just good far and near vision.
Do these thoughts sound familiar?

  • “Why can’t I read when I am wearing my contacts?”
  • “I don’t want to wear glasses to read over my contacts.”
  • “I hate wearing my glasses down my nose, but I am too busy to take them off all the time.”
  • ‘My neck and back ache from using my progressives on the computer all day at work. “
  • “Can I get glasses that work for my computer without holding my head a certain way?”
  • “When I look up at close objects, it is blurry. Can I get my close vision in the top of my glasses?”
  • “Can I get glasses to read music or to paint?”
  • “I have such trouble reading the restaurant menu lately.”
  • “I just can’t see my cell phone text or my watch anymore without my readers on!”

Our office will design the lens solutions for these everyday problems.


Coupon - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE

Receive 1 free pair when you buy 1 complete pair of Work & Fun eyewear
Coupon redeemable at store location only.
Cannot be combined with insurance or any other offer.
FREE pair valid on single vision lenses and select frames only.
Must be presented at time of purchase.
Offer Valid through 12/31/2020